Art of Service

The Art of Service is a board-based interactive training activity that demonstrates how to achieve great customer service. Its objective is to train staff in the very best aspects of hospitality and service. It raises the bar by teaching your staff exactly how to meet customer’s expectations. The focus is on the people in your business – how they perform, learn and represent what you and your business stand for. The below game is the original Art of Service Restaurant game. If you want to discuss adapting The Art of Service to your business, industry or sector please contact
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Time of play
Pairing Game: 30 minutes to one hour
Restaurant Game: One hour to three hours


Key benefits:
• Improves front of house skills
• Enhances your customers dining experience
• Promotes the highest levels of excellence
• Tests knowledge and skills of staff in a dynamic and fun way
• Reinforces your business vision, mission values and objectives for all staff
• Links the business vision with each individual’s vision
• Promotes a sense of pride in the work, teamwork, ownership and participation
• The overall aim is to raise the standard, expectations and job satisfaction of waiting staff in order to improve customer service and increase profits.


Different uses for The Art of Service
The Art of Service can be used to develop your business and your people in several ways:

• Interviews and Recruitment
The Art of Service can be used as part of recruitment and selection process. The main game provides opportunities for role-play while the shorter Pairing game will reveal a candidate’s understanding of your business’s Vision, Mission and Values (while at the same time also revealing their own). The Art of Service also provides the opportunity for you to compare multiple candidates simultaneously.

• Staff Induction
Give new starters a fast track introduction to your business, identify development needs and align their values with that of the business.

• Staff Development
On-going staff development is easy with The Art of Service as you create new levels of self-sufficiency within the organisation whilst building team spirit across the business.

• Management Training
Whether an experienced Manager or a staff member wishing to develop into a Management role, the games Facilitator role will develop management skills.

• Business Strategy Development
The Art of Service pairing game helps to develop the Vision, Mission and Values for the Business.

• Customer Satisfaction Training
Bring to life customer scenarios, reappraise KPI’s and agree new processes and procedures that will drive CSI improvements and enhanced customer loyalty.

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