In this brand new series SNACKMASTERS Fred has set some of the country’s top chefs an extraordinary challenge – to work out the secret recipes behind Britain’s best-loved snacks.

In each of the four episodes, two chefs battle it out to see who can create the most perfect replica of one iconic snack. They’ll be taking on the Kit Kat, a Snickers bar, the Burger King Whopper and a packet of Pickled Onion Monster Munch. On completing their masterpieces, the chefs will bring their replicas to the very factories that mass-produce them, to be judged by the assembly-line workers and bosses behind the real thing.

Each week, the chefs’ culinary technical skills are put to the test as they attempt to reverse engineer the snack, with the product’s published list of ingredients as their only clue. Meanwhile comedian Jayde Adams goes behind-the-scenes in these enormous factories to reveal the real processes that produce millions of the nation’s favourite treats.