Fred is an acclaimed International Consultant in the customer services sector. He consults with international brands across a multitude of business sectors, aiding them to instil a first class level of service within the DNA of the business. When filtered through to the customer facing experience, it is consistently proven to deliver higher repeat business and brand loyalty.

Growing Your Business Your Number One Strategic Priority?
To be honest, I would be surprised if it isn’t. Have you got an effective plan to grow your business? If not, and you want a compelling and proven solution, read on. Most organisations I talk to understandably place a great deal of importance on developing better and better products to grow their business, often requiring large sums of money to research, test and manufacture improved offers. This is valuable work, but it is unlikely to set your business apart from its competitors. Why? Because the harsh truth is that your competitors will be doing exactly the same thing. The organisations out there that ARE achieving and sustaining growth year after year are those that have placed customer service at the heart of their strategic plans – like Lush and First Direct, for example. They have learnt that it is their service reputation (along with their brand and product range) that attracts customers. And that it is service, and the relationship it allows them to build with their customers, that creates loyalty and means customers come back to them rather than go to a competitor. The great news is that creating an amazing customer service experience within your business costs much less than it does to develop a new product.

So Why Aren’t More Companies Investing in Customer Service?
Lots of organisations shy away from placing customer service at the centre of their growth plans because of one simple reality: service is delivered through a business’s people. And people are inherently complex, unpredictable and… well… utterly and wonderfully human. I actually love and embrace this challenge, having spent 25 years mastering how to deliver great customer service through people and well thought through processes and systems. This know-how has now been organised into two very simple business solutions:

• The ‘Good Service’ Charter – A set of principles and practices to follow that will define exceptional customer service for your business.

• The ‘Good Service’ Pyramid – An easy-to-follow organisational change path that will bring these principles and practices to life.

Think of The ‘Good Service’ Charter as your Highway Code and The ‘Good Service’ Pyramid as the step-by-step lessons you take to master the skill of driving.

What is The ‘Good Service’ Charter?
The ‘Good Service’ Charter encapsulates and describes in detail the very basics needed for setting up and sustaining the right customer-focused culture within your business. The Charter aims to be the guiding light and ‘go to’ reference document to help every service professional within your organisation understand what it means to provide great service. Equally, the Charter describes exacting best practices to deliver memorable experiences that will be valued by increasingly demanding and knowledgeable customers. Although the Charter is primarily about delivering great customer service, it also provides simple and straightforward context around how great customer service drives long-term business survival and profitability.

The ‘Good Service’ Pyramid
The ‘Good Service’ Charter should be used in conjunction with The ‘Good Service’ Pyramid. The ‘Good Service’ Pyramid is a free-of-charge change model, specifically designed as a self-sufficient and effective organisational process that helps you to set up and drive extraordinary customer service in your business. By following the step-by-step sequence of change mapped out in The ‘Good Service’ Pyramid, your business will be able to implement the messages in The ‘Good Service’ Charter, enabling your organisation to change its practices and drive results. All you need to do is follow the chronological instructions in The ‘Good Service’ Pyramid to bring The ‘Good Service’ Charter to life. Assign owners, objectives and deadlines and follow up very closely until you get there.

Is The ‘Good Service’ Charter right for you?
The simple answer is “yes”.

The ‘Good Service’ Charter is aimed at any business in any industry or sector. The principles and values of the Charter and the very nature of human nature mean that its teachings will be valid and relevant for a big corporation, an independent group or a small business. The Charter has all the ingredients you need to transform your organisation into what you really want it to be, whether you are part of the hospitality industry, a financial institution or bank, an NHS-run hospital, a car manufacturer or a large telecommunication company. Service defined through The ‘Good Service’ Charter is THE way to give your business its higher purpose – one your people can get behind with passion, conviction and enthusiasm.
Don’t wait till tomorrow when your business growth journey can start today.

The ‘Good Service’ Charter is available to download online for £50 + VAT.

The Charter is a 16-page, 4,700-word PDF.

“The ‘Good Service’ Charter is only the first step towards fully understanding the Gospel of Service. If you would like more of the working details behind the Charter and the Pyramid, or be guided through the programmes by my team of experts, please click on the link for my bespoke change support and training programmes.”
Customers are the new experts. They do their window shopping online and have a global view of the best and worst in your business. For you to stand out from your competitors, you need a competitive edge – and, increasingly, the quality of service your prospective customer gets is the key differentiator. Fred Sirieix, the award-winning General Manager of Michelin-starred restaurant Galvin at Windows and star of Channel 4’s First Dates, has spent a lifetime practising and teaching how to deliver great customer service. Now, for the first time, Sirieix and his team can offer you an insight into the difference excellence in service can make to your business with The Art of Service.

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