Horrible Histories

First Dates may have only been around for a few years, but they reckon folk from hundreds of years ago would have benefitted from a visit to the restaurant of lurve. Even royalty.

Horrible Histories is back for a new series next week, and it will feature an amazing mash-up with the Channel 4 series, along with appearances from the main man himself, Fred Sirieix.

‘Historical First Dates’ sees Fred welcome a series of famous faces, in the programme’s ‘Ridiculous Romantics’ and ‘Ruthless Rulers’.

Henry VIII (Tom Stourton) comes face to face with his future first wife Catherine of Aragon (Jess Ransom), while Philip of Anjou (Ryan Sampson) needs Fred’s comforting presence, after not doing so well on a date with Elizabeth I (Louise Ford)

(Two new shows that will be released this summer-ish)