Million Pound Menu

Each week Fred welcomes two sets of restaurateurs to compete for a share of this growing market. He is also joined by some of the biggest investors in the restaurant world, with millions of pounds to spend between them. But in these challenging economic times, there is fierce competition to find a breakthrough concept – and these investors will need to put everything they have into making a winning offer.

Each new concept is given a three-day trial run in a 40-seater pop-up restaurant in the heart of Manchester – the food capital of the north – to try to win over the paying public and the all-important investors. They will be scrutinised on their food, service, team-management and brand potential. In tense one-to-one meetings with the investors they need to prove their business plans and financial figures stack up – after which it’s either game on or game over.

At the end of the three days, they will have done everything they can. Back in the restaurant they face a nail-biting wait to see if any investors will walk through the door before the looming deadline. Will they receive an offer that could change their lives forever? Will they receive multiple offers and have to choose between competing investors? Or will they leave Manchester empty-handed? It’s a business opportunity like no other, but with the clock ticking, the race is on to discover the next restaurant sensation to take the UK by storm.